January 21, 2017

Hi folks,

Been a while since my last update. . .and there's lots to report !

I'm excited to say that I will be working with the multi-talented Michael Timmins from the Cowboy Junkies on my new 2017 acoustic album ! Michael is a fantastic producer (check out the band's Nomad Series, just one of numerous projects he's produced) and has a wide sonic palate - I look forward to his fresh ideas and experimentation in the studio with my new songs ! His brother Peter and Josh Finlayson of The Skydiggers will also be in the studio adding percussion and bass to the project. I'm aiming for a late-summer, early fall release with a tour to follow. Details to come !

And my side project, Shipwreck Radios is gearing up to go into the studio this spring to record 9 original songs that stylistically harken back to the '90s sound of artists such as PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star, Jesus & Mary Chain. I guess like one my favourite songwriters, Neil Young, I have a soft, acoustic side and a more let's-belt-it-out- to-the-rooftops side which this project entails :)  With Ryan Allen on lead guitar and 'sounds', Scott Fitzpatrick on bass and Jonny Sauder on drums, I've gathered some of KW's best veteran musicians ! It's a joy to play with them, and to finally make use of the beautiful custom-made electric guitar that i've been playing on for some time now. More to come on this album soon !

On another topic, one of the reason's I've been putting this news post off for so long is that last June I lost one of my longtime mentors in the KW music scene - Paul MacLeod.  It's been a time of greiving that I expect will last for some time. I remember the first time I saw him play in the late '90s at the Walper Hotel pub in the back room where he had a standing Thursday night gig. Then when I moved to Guelph for a time, I could catch him Monday nights at Jimmy Jazz.  I was in awe of his playing, singing and front-man charisma and tried to just watch and learn, as I was just starting out playing music.  The dexterity, the crazy jazz chords, the fantastic range of his voice - along with his sharp wit made for a great show.  Paul was never boring.  He told me a long time ago that people never practice enough - and I took that to heart. To this day, I still rehearse for every show I do.  I booked Paul and I tours of Eastern and Western Canada - there are some great photos on his Facebook Memorial Page - and will always cherish the laughs and hilarious stories and the pure musicianship of the man. Paul - you inspired many and you are missed by many. RIP my friend.

Time to sign off now. Check out the Dates section for upcoming shows in your area and stay tuned for more details on the recording projects and the 2017 tour.
Cheers friends !


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