Promoting Humanity Through Music

The Reporter's Chair

If you ask Kitchener singer/songwriter Lynn Jackson her musical philosophy, she’ll tell you songwriting has no boundaries. Lyrics tell stories, and storytelling is how we understand each other.

“I’ve always known that music would be a big part of my life, but I decided to pursue it bit by bit,” she reminisced. “It was a series of steps. Booking early shows, starting to write my own songs, and making my first album – this led to my next release and first cross-Canada tour.”

Now, eight albums later – Songs of Rain, Snow and Remembering releases on Busted Flat Records in 2016 – Lynn has realized the desire to evoke empathy in original music.

Experimenting with classical music on the violin and poetry, and then transitioning to playing guitar, singing and writing music, strengthened the relationship between lyrics and melodies.

Her first paying gig was in 1999, at a Kitchener venue which no longer operates. Lynn began to find her “stage legs,” allowing her to discover the art of performing during her first few rounds of open mics. Her first bookings were a by-product of these events.

It was getting over the hang-up of songs requiring structure that released her into a new world of writing. Although songs can contain structure of sorts, Lynn teaches us that we should be open-minded and not try to “box in” creativity. It’s better to let the song be what it wants to be.

“I say, if it wants to be a rock song with lots of distortion, or a ballad with tons of verses and little room for choruses or a bridge, it’s all OK,” she believes.

As a musician, Lynn has no gimmicks to rely on; instead, she maintains impeccable rhythms and memorable words which resonate with Canadian audiences. “Trial by fire” is how she views her tenure as an artist.

Where inspiration is concerned, Lynn’s ideas come from almost anywhere.

“It can be a great song or lyric, a great story, or things I see or think about every day,” she said. “It’s all those things blended together that seem to transform themselves in my dreams at night. Life’s about the ups and downs and the in-between. That’s the stuff I try to write about. The reality of the everyday – I like to think people can relate because we’re all living it.”

From August 1, 2004 to present, Lynn Jackson has released Night Songs, Sweet Relief, Restless Days, Soft Stars, Coming Down, Down in the Dust, The Acoustic Sessions, and Songs of Rain, Snow & Remembering.

Her songs, although vastly different from one another, exude a strong sense of solace, peace and empathy to the listener. He/she will feel as though Lynn is conversing with him/her.

Written by: Wesley Butler