Canadian Beats - Canada
By Travis Rump

This is a big turnaround for me as far as genre goes. I love me some high energy, headbanging type of music, or some good ole blues. This album made me slow down for the duration of it and actually enjoy what I was doing. Lynn Jackson‘s voice draws you in like a magnet. The rest of the music comes from the instrumental guests including Michael Timmins on guitar, Josh Finlayson on the bass, Peter Timmins on drums, Aaron Comeau on keyboards/ electric guitar, Aaron Goldstein on the pedal steel guitar and Andy Maize on vocals (#7). 

The ensemble of instruments on Follow That Fire is put together in such a great way, it’s almost like the music has a definite language and it helps tell the stories of each of the songs. 

Right off the bat, you are introduced to the album single “Follow That Fire” with a mixture of guitars, symbols and unique vocals that captures your attention. This is a good song for an intro or exit to a movie. 

Next up, we have “Random Break Downs, False Starts and New Beginnings” which is a perfect runner-up in the number two position. This is a song about the relationships that are hot and rocky like a boat in the middle of the sea. Up and down like a roller coaster or happy and free. I liked this one a lot. 

“Night Comes Down” is also a favourite of mine as it showcases Lynn’s vocals in a big way. It shows different ranges and the melody of the instruments go well with the climax of the song. This track is total cottage music. 

“No Regrets” is all about getting the heck outta dodge man. Time to leave your birthplace and venture into the open Canadian land, meet new people and enjoy every day to the fullest! The guitar playing in this song is awesome, to say the least. 

“Mystery Novels, Short Stories & Car Songs” is a cool traveling song that will make any scenery look inviting. The track is all about the different types of people out there and all the different stories that they have to tell us. 

“Alice” is a song about a young girls struggle in life, living in a small town. About being pregnant, giving birth, a sister taking her baby and leaving her for dead. It’s also about how a small town can have events as important as a big city. This was Alice’s story. 

“Ghost” is as it sounds. It’s a song about the forgotten with descriptions as far as the photos on the mantle to the ashes in the fireplace and footprints in the soot. She sings about ghosts of the house who are walking around amongst us. 

“Side of The Road” is about those times when you are driving down the road and you have to pull over to collect your thoughts. About wondering where and when the circle of places to play and hotels to stay will come to an end. “Travelling this long road, there’s no turning back”. 

“Meet Me In The City” is one track that is full of suspense, with a strong energy that is put out on the song. I love the instrumental on this one, it’s a perfectly mastered song. 

Finally, “Tossing and Turning” is about things that you couldn’t do or didn’t do. This song had me relaxed to a point where time stood still and I was put in a state of daydreaming. 

It is obvious that a lot of work has been put into this album, and I highly recommend you check out this release from Lynn Jackson.

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