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December 3, 2021

Hi Everyone !
I'm excited to let you know about my new album !  We've been working on it over the last year and a half, restrictions permitting and it's finally off to get mastered ! 

The first single from the album is released today !  The song is 'Christmas In The Dark', my first 'seasonal' song !   It's a reflection on how the holiday season is often difficult for some people (especially the last couple of years).  All the proceeds from any sales are going to be donated to St. John's Kitchen in Kitchener, Ontario to help with all the good work they do !!

'I wrote this song on Christmas Eve 2020 and was thinking about all the people who are isolated or struggling during the holidays. The holidays can be rough. Please consider buying the digital single with all the single's proceeds going to SJK so we can help them help others. Happy Holidays !'

It's available on most streaming services, iTunes, the album page on this site and my Bandcamp page !!

August 11

I've just posted a new video for 'Cobwebs'.  
Rob Deyman, Scott Fitzpatrick and Jonny Sauder all filmed their parts in isolation and I put it all together with a nod to Bob.  
I'm really happy with how it turned out !!  
You can find it n the video page or check it out on my Official You Tube page.
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June 11

Hey folks !
Just wanted to let you know my new video Stormy Eyes off of Lionheart is officially released today !
It was my first time shooting a COVID-19 type video - with just the 3 of us distancing in the video, shot in mid March when all those restrictions were just brand new !  It's a humourous little video for a song with some heavier themes - that was on purposes to give the visuals a little levity ! Check it out on the VIDEOS page now ! Or check out this link ! Thanks so much for listening ! Be well !

 June 2

It's always a little nerve-wracking releasing an album and then waiting to see what the response is. Hoping that what you've created touches a listener in some way. 

I received a beautiful message today from Chris Connelly (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Cocksure, Finitribe and many other groups). He sent his 'review'of the album for me to share. 

"It’s unusual for me as a person who writes songs to find really strong musical connections, connections that are more than the usual, lovely things that unite us as artists ( and I am eternally grateful for that) but, when someone’s song bypasses your ears and just passes gracefully into your soul and your history, then, it’s time to get excited and say THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE ON THIS ISLAND !!! 

Oh yes, it’s happened for me with those amazing and incredibly renowned writers, that helped write the BOOK, that we grew up with, Leonard Cohen, Dylan, John Martyn, Nick drake, Lou Reed.Patti smith, Joni, (it’s a long list) But someone doing that now? Oh, they are out there, yes, of course they are, but it can be needle in a haystack stuff….. 

Lynn Jackson is such an artist, and she has a new album out, “lionheart”, a beautiful journey, a gritty journey, her heart grips her voice with an iron hold, steers it to the places it has to go, and it steers it to the places it maybe doesn’t want to go, and it’s always, so, so heartbreakingly HUMAN. I have done this for forty fucking years, I KNOW when I hear a soul sing, and I know when I am being lied to as well. 

I know I will always write, and knowing that there is a LYNN JACKSON out there makes me feel cosily self righteous and completely vindicated. " 

Thanks Chris !


May 15

Thanks to Terry Pender at the Waterloo Region Record for a really nice article about the new album.
You can read the story here.

May 1st

Happy May Everyone !

Life has been busy ! I've just finished a brand new album, number 11, called Lionheart !

The album will be officially released on Busted Flat Records on May 22,2020 !

 It's been a labour of love this project - Recording started in December 2018 and wrapped up in late 2019. Lionheart features a mix of folky fare with straight-ahead loud rock ! One of the ballads is a tribute to Leonard Cohen - one of my all-time favourite poets and songwriters. What a talent that has left us - btw his posthumous album is amazing! Highly recommend.

Lionheart will be released online and will be available locally at Encore Records in Kitchener.
It's now available for pre-order physically OR digitally on my 'Albums' page.

The album release show was to happen Sat. May 23 at The Starlight club in downtown Waterloo, but that has been cancelled for the time being.  We will look at putting something together later in the year once it is safe to do so !

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Stay safe out there !