Ctrlaltcountry, Belgium

Throughout her long career up to this point, for Canadian Lynn Jackson it’s all about the songs. And that’s also true on her new album, her seventh meanwhile, with Chris Boyne from Sexdwarf, the shared “The Acoustic Sessions”. On her tenth anniversary as a recording artist,  this celebration album harks back presenting thirteen of her previous albums familiar songs. It was recorded were largely live off the floor in the home studio of Teenage Fanclub-boss Norman Blake. It pares the songs to their absolute essence in an acoustic setting. 

In addition to the voices and acoustic guitars from Jackson and Boyne, we distinguished further include also contribute harmonium, melodica, piano, National steel, mandolin, pedal steel, upright bass, electric guitar, violin, cello and shakers include Joe Dunn, Scott Fitzpatrick, Nick Storring, Steve Wood, Wendy Wright and “landlord” Norman Blake. 

But when push comes to shove it comes down the voice and the songs of Jackson herself. Despite all the help, the stories almost always steal the show.  This album has reinforced the long standing high opinion we had when talking about the narrative qualities of Jackson. 

Somewhere between folk and Americana their own niche tracing song beauties as “Coming Down”, “Paper Airplanes”, “Running”, “When You Were Mine,” “Winter Song”, “Mary”, “Mark The Spot,” “Sweet Relief” “Scarecrow”, “Soft Stars”, “Yellow Moon” and others earning every bit of your attention.. Beware, you are in for a treat !