Gonzo Okanagan, Canada
by John Kerieff

A good storyteller can be hard to find, especially one that makes compelling records.  This is Ontario artist Lynn Jackson’s 9th album; think Cowboy Junkies meets Neil Young, and you’ve got something of a handle on Follow That Fire. 

The relationship to The Junkies is no accident- after having had a hand in producing her first 8 albums, Lynn brought Michael Timmins in to produce this one. “It was great working with Michael” she says.  He has such a good ear for sounds as well as a vast knowledge of all kinds of music.  The vibe of the new record is low key.  Michael really helped capture the essence of the stories on this collection of songs.” 

Aside from Lynn’s wonderfully expressive voice it’s her acoustic guitar that drives these songs.  Timmins populated them with a dramatic and sparse background, as you’d expect the main guy from Cowboy Junkies would.  The 10 tales on Follow That Fire feel intimate and sometimes spooky, not the sort of thing that invites you to get up and dance, but I’m really digging the ‘come here, I’ve got some stories to tell’ vibe. Aside from technical credits the booklet also contains lyrics to each song, so you can dive in just about as deep as you want. 

“When I write a song, I often hear the arrangement fully formed” Lynn says, “I let the songs lead me into whatever direction they want to go.”  Follow That Fire is a collection of stories about the road along with darkly cinematic tales of Alice and Ghost, plus tributes to the passing of longtime friends.  Not a party record to be sure, but given a chance Lynn Jackson’s Follow That Fire has the potential to become one of your closest friends.

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