Keys And Chords, Belgium
by Lambert Smits

Only 19 years old is the Canadian Lynn Jackson, yet she has 9 albums on her name, including ‘Follow That Fire’. Her roots lie in the folk, but she does not frighten to allow other genres to be creative during the composing, thus making the songs come to maturation. With her previous albums she had a finger in the production paper, but ‘Follow That Fire’ put them in the hands of producer Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies. Michael drew Lynn out of her comfort zone and made sure that the essence of the songs was reflected in the final result. Lynn has a beautiful bright but above all mature voice. As a songwriter she also has talent. Lynn immediately lets you know about her stories. For example, the piano-introduced ballad ‘Random Breakdowns, False Starts & New Beginnings’, where she receives vocal assistance from Skydiggers Andy Maize, a catchy story about missing friends and trying to get your life back on track . But the thoughts that robbed her during long-haul cars provide inspiration, as evidenced by ‘Mystery Novels, Short Stories & Car Songs’ and ‘Side Of The Road’. Darkness then sounds again in the acoustic guitar-worn ‘Alice’, the catchy story of two sisters, where jealousy for what the other is, derives from murder. 
Adult texts, great deals, a delicious voice and a good spinning band are the ingredients of ‘Follow That Fire’.