Keys And Chords, Belgium
by Lambert Smits

Songs Of Rain, Snow & Remembering “is the eighth album in Kitchener, Ontario resident singer / songwriter Lynn Jackson. On her last, in 2014 released album “The Acoustic Sessions’ she brought along with her musical partner Chris Boyne 13 songs from her repertoire but in an acoustic setting. 

For ‘Songs Of Rain, Snow & Remembering Lynn again chooses a backing band, which also forms part of the Boyne. Besides the singing Lynn also takes the acoustic guitar for her bill. Her voice is warm and clear and sometimes a bit of sixties. Moreover, she approves stunning with its poetic lyrics. Musically they tapped from multiple vessels. Now it’s more folk, sometimes a little more roots of soul, but each time she manages to do it with knowledge. Album opener ‘Sky Looks Like Rain “has something with soul sprinkled folk. It mainly carried by piano and acoustic guitar ‘Long Winter’ is again a perfect reflection of this period, often with associated sadness. Its influences from the late sixties and the early seventies to them then know quite musical expression in “Riding Out The Storm ‘with a blistering solo by Joe Dunn on the electric guitar. The piano and acoustic guitar accompanied ballad “Water & Glass’, closes the album in beauty. 

Songs Of Rain, Snow & Remembering “cherishes a certain sadness. A feeling that is reinforced by the sporadic use of the melancholy-sounding cello and harmonium. Strangely, however, this is not as Lynn finds her inspiration in the love, hope and loneliness. The album is best suited to a roaring fire the dark days before Christmas musical coloring.

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