Keys And Chords, Belgium

On the occasion of her ten year musical anniversary, Lynn Jackson gives us ‘The Acoustic Sessions’ the duo project with Chris Boyne, (himself not only a talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who, in recent years worked closely with the singer). Here they browse Jackson’s repertoire and bring a generous sampling of her earlier work. As the title suggests we get this selection in a stripped down setting. 
In addition to the pairing of Lynn Jackson, supported by Boyne and their corresponding acoustic guitars diving here and there are acoustic bass( Scott Fitzpatrick), pedal steel (Steve Wood), violin (Wendy Wright), cello (Nick Storring ) and exceptionally even the electric guitar of Joe Dunn or the piano , melodica and harmonium of Boyne. But it remains a beautiful touch that although the deep heartfelt narrative repertoire, that of folkie pop to related genres supports. 

That sober approach again clearly shows the intrinsic class Lynn Jackson as a singer, her qualities as a songwriter, of which we were confident before. This beautiful retrospective is also a glorified business card for the operations stage of this lady from Canada.

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