Planet Country,  Italy

Canada once again gives us an artist with great expressive talents, a sensitive author who has recorded nine records over the last twenty years, while not achieving a commercial success worthy of its qualities. 

Lynn Jackson is a mature storyteller able to describe interpersonal relationships with depth and intensity using a very American language in the approach, which is definitely linked to the ‘American’ world in a mix where rock and roots are impeccably combined. 

“Follow That Fire” enjoys the production of Michael Timmins, one of the brothers members of the Cowboy Junkies, and Michael himself lends his fascinating electric guitar to these songs as Peter Timmins sits behind the drums, sometimes recreating the dreamy and dreamy ambitions of the band from. 

Ten are the songs of this album, ten chapters of a vigorous and strongly poetic narrative where the use of words is sought-after and perfectly integrates with the sounds of folk, country, rock and pop. 

From the titles, the message is that it is both profound and inspirational with the intriguing “Random Breakdowns, False Starts & New Beginnings” and “Mystery Novels, Short Stories & Car Songs” that show universal messages and autobiographical notes. 
“Ghost” is in its immediacy and grace one of the most exciting moments, as well as “Meet Me In The City”, which is bestowed by Andy Maize’s counterparts, “Tossing & Turning” envelops with interpretative warmth and an effective arrangement in which stand out ‘Aaron Comeau’s organ, the title track “Follow That Fire” caressed by Aaron Goldstein’s pedal steel and “Alice” by the still exciting emotion. 

Lynn Jackson’s songs show all her great humanity and engagement and will be for those who will trust them a warm blanket on the next cool winter days.