Rocktimes, Germany

 No, this is not Mrs.Greenbird, although the voice of Lynn Jackson sometimes sounds as the those of Sarah Nücken, at least in the opening song. But this initial impression is relative in the course of “The Acoustic Sessions” - that is, in the second song crystallizes this sound that is very similar to Country, out, both protagonists vocally supportive. 

“The Acoustic Sessions”, already the album title says it so clearly from: Here the plug be pulled. Unplugged is there in the air, but the pedal steel raises the purely acoustic positioning but then overboard .... stripped down to take advantage of this expression is reduced in the instrumentation, which then fits are more likely. 

Something like this can often lead to the essence of music is emphasized, but only as long as potential and mass are there to reduce anything can. Lynn Jackson argues that it intended, even record a album with simple knitted production, which to some extent also will sound like it. On their tour performances, which denies solo However, there are two musicians who have something to say: Chris Boyne and Norman Blake, the latter of Teenage Fanclub. He has also produced the album. 

The sound based not only on influences from folk to country also. Sometimes appeared a shade blues, singer / songwriter elements are also not left out and so everything fits nicely back into the Americana pot. But here it is music of a special kind, a homely living room concert feeling will not let you go in hearing. This intimate warmth is the real strength of the plate. Lynn’s voice can not always convince me and Chris then pierces even more prominent as a duet partner, working alongside his guitar and other instruments. 

This album may also well be viewed as a retrospective, but it contains music from the last six albums of the artist. To establish: Yes, potential and mass are there - the album is quite successful.