Rootsville, Belgium


With 19’s ‘on stage’ and 9 albums, you can say that Lynn Jackson knows that. Meanwhile, she has already released the album ‘Songs of Rain, Snow and Remembering’ two years ago. Her debut album ‘Night Songs’ dates back to 2004. For this new ‘Follow That Fire’, Lynn Jackson wrote 10 new songs and went to sea with Michael and Peter Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies, a traditional Twangcountry band. 

With this new album, Lynn Jackson brings our roadsongs like ‘Side Of The Road’ into dark fairy tales like ‘Alice’ and ‘Ghost’. This Ontario-based singer-songwriter releases her 7th album under the label ‘Busted Flat Records’, which also released ‘The Acoustic Sessions’ together with Chris Boyne. An album that made the lace very high by this duo. 

Together with her pleasant stoytellin ‘voice, she always captures you in an atmosphere of Americana roots music always with a touch of folk pop. She reminds you of names like Lucinda Wiliams and Eliza Gilkyson, always rendering her songs as timeless melodies, such as the title track ‘Follow That Fire’ or the closing ‘No Regrets’. 

Or storytelling stories about ‘Alice’ who can bear a heavy burden under all circumstances or the thrilling ‘Ghost’. Songs like Measure Me In The City will then hear the slightly more airy version of Lynn Jackson with an Andu Maize as an additional voice. ‘Follow That Fire’ an album with 10 exhilarating songs that tell all ten stories. Sometimes energetically embroidered in a sense of mystery, yet again poetic.

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